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Wellljets W5600 Continuous Inkjet Printer

The Industrial high reliable performance inkjet printerr with advance features


Main Features:>>>More Easy Coding:>>>

Variable Info Printing:Barcode/2D code, image/logo, counter, variable database etc.

Intelligent Ink Management:Printhead heating system, automatically recommend the best printing parameter and measuring system for ink consumption.

Printing Height:1.5mm-15mm,variable based on message & throw distance

Printing Contents:Chinese,English,Arabic, Number, Date, Batch, Shift, Image/logo, Exp, MFD, Counter, etc.

Icon Guide Operation Interface:Simplified one-touch on/off buttons up the jet ready to start printing, and when pressed to shut down, automatically flushes the head and powers off to ensure the printers is always available. Intuitive Icon Guide Operation Interface, using friendly printing experience.

Port & Communication:Build in Ethernet port enable printer to be networked. USB, RS232, etc.

Aviation Connector:Reliable Aviation Connectors, More stable.

New Head with Auto Cleaning:Cleaning pump will push cleaner into ink chamber to ensure nozzle and gutter clean and unblock the ink streamline while start jetting next time.

Unique high-definition large screen, 10.1 inches, resolution up to 1280*800.

The interface editing method is more convenient, and it can be easily realized by dragging, copying and pasting.

Support all windows fonts, support vector fonts, scalable fonts.

The core board is more efficient, faster processing and more powerful.

Increase the dynamic delivery function of the dot matrix font.


Technical Specification>>>:

Control Unit.

Control Panel:Qt.10.1 Inch LVDS High Resolution, bigTouchScreen, Simple operation experience on new friendly interface interface

Hardware:4-Core Processor, Main frequency of CPU:1.4GH withStandard 1G RAM, 8G EMMC.

Cabinet:Stainless Steel(304), designed to IP55.

Software Spec.

Multi-language menu:Multi-languageMenu, English, Arabic, Russian, Japanese and Persian, etc. With QT system very easy to add any language.

Printing Contents:Dynamic printing of 140 types of Barcode, 2D code,Chinese , English,Number.Date, time, Logo, Barcode, batch number, class type, serial number, etc

Software Update:Simple remote update of software with latest function.

Print Lines:Up to 4 lines (7*5dot)Up to 5 lines (5*5dot)

Fonts Size:5X5, 5X7, 7X9, 10x12, 12X16, 18X24, 24X32

Printing Speed:Up to 285m/min (5*5 fontsingle line)

Printing Throw Distance:Maximum 30mm from printhead to surface.

Printing Height:1.8mm—15mm

Ink System.

Intelligent Ink Managing:Automatically measuring system for ink consumption, clear liquid level and printing parameter.

Viscosity control:Automatic

Ink bleed control:Automatic on start up

Hydraulic System:Intelligent Hydraulic System guarantee well-sealed ink and makeup

Protocol:MODBUS Standard Industrial Protocol

Standard Connection.

Product detector:Npn/pnp 12V 100mA for photocell or proximity detector

Shaft encoder:Npn/pnp eccoder Shaft encoder

Alarm beacon connector:Alarm beacon

Others Port:USB, Ethernet, I/O interface etc

Working Environment.

Temperature range:Ambient Temp:-5°C~45°C

Humidity:30~95%RH (non-condensing)

Electrical requirements:Single phase, auto rang 100-250V, 47-643Hz


Cabinet:Main Controller: 370mm*310mm*510mm

Print head:Printhead: 230mm*44mm*41 mm

Conduit:Conduit Length: 3M Umbilical ord Standard.


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