Welljets Coding Technology Co., Ltd.

Service and Support
Service Purposes
  • Service Philosophy

    Service Philosophy

    All for customers, create value for customer.

  • Service Strategy

    Service Strategy

    Through standardized, differentiated, and value -for -duty services, customers' psychological costs and use costs are reduced, thereby improving the competitiveness of Welljets service brand and leading the new trend of industry services.

  • Service Goal

    Service Goal

    Beyond customer expectations and exceed industry standards.

  • Service Commitment

    Service Commitment

    Arrived at the scene 2 hours or within the agreed time after receiving the needs of customers, and resolved general faults for customers within 1 day.

Service Purposes

For customers, to create customer value service concepts, with customer needs as the center, with first -class speed, first -class skills, first -class attitudes to achieve the service goals of" transcending customer expectations and exceeding industry standards ".

Technical Details
  • Pre-sale support

    1)Free inquiry and consulting support

    2)Free sample printing and testing

    3)Product introduce and recommend according customer’s request

    4)Detect by professional testing equipment and facilities before shipment

  • In-sale support

    1)Respect customers and actively serve

    2)Provide a complete and reliable solution according customer's application

    3)Can provide shipping service if you don't have cooperation forwarder in China local

  • After-sale support

    1)24 hours online service.

    2)Free "instruction manual" and "operation video".

    3)Lifetime technical support by e-mail, phone or video.

    4)Online Video instruction and operating training service by our engineer if need.

Technical Details
  • Shanghai Headquarter

    Add: No.79, Aona Road, Shanghai, PRC

    Con: +8613331951750

  • Beijing Branch

    Add: No.168, Songzhuang Est Road, Beijing, PRC

    Tel: +8618513913360

  • Jiangsu Branch

    Add: No.66, Yimin Road, Huaian City, Jiangsu, PRC.

    Con: +8613331951750

  • Henan Branch

    Add: No. 27, Yingcai Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan, PRC

    Con: +8618513913360

  • Shandong Branch

    Add: No. 108, Ningde Road, Yantai City, Guangdong PRC.

    Con: +8613331951750

  • Jiangxi Branch

    Add: No.74, Huangling Road, Ruichang City Jiangxi, PRC

    Con: +8618513913360

Branch Offices
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