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Welljets T8100 Series Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Welljets T8120/T8130 Series

Welljets TTO Printers for flexible packaging solutions will help you create more values. 

First choice for the upgradation from hot stamp/foil coders, the new era of intelligent coding. 

T8120/T8130 are intelligent coding & marking systems designed for upgrading the old hot stamp/foil coders, Ready-to-use, high-quality print results are available to meet your coding & marking requirements on vertical packaging machine, labeling machine and other flexible packaging. They can easily complete the automatic printing of production date, expiration date, series number, batch number, time (accurate to second) and other information with this equipment.


- Installation is simple and quick, can directly replace the traditional hot stamp printer

- Mobile phone control coding, only changing ribbons no other tedious operations such as types changing. 

-No preheating: start and printing. 

-Stable printing, clear printing results, no packaging materials punctured. 

-High ribbon utilization rate, intelligent ribbon control, no ribbon wasted. 

-High printing speed up to 200pack each min. 

- Lower printing cost including consumables. 

-Automatically updated date, time and batch number to avoid human error or wrong printing. 

- The content is customized and diversified, not limited by lines. 

- Real-time printing, barcodes, QR-codes, serial number, multi-language characters, numbers, punctuation can be edited in the print area. 

Different between T8120 and T8130:

Print area24*20mm32*20mm

Print area:24*20mm or 32*20mm

Technology:Thermal transfer overprinting

Print head:24mm or 32mm

Resolution:203dpi or 300dpi

Printing speed:20mm/s-200mm/s

Character size:Vector font can be enlarged arbitrarily (can be bold)

Character types:Multi-language, numbers, punctuation, etc. 

Print direction:0°  180°

Print time:100ms (minimum stop time of packaging film)

Scope of application:Intermittent packaging equipment (such as VFFS, labeling machine, etc.)

Print frequency:200 packs each min

Print Content:Barcode, QR-code, MFG, EXP, Batch number, Real time, Inputted text, etc. 

Signal input:Signal: NPN/PNP type (DC12V-24V), switching type sensor

Output:No contact signal

Ribbon length:200m

Ribbon types:Wax/resin type, resin type


Working condition:5℃- 40℃, 10%-90%, non-condensation

IP rate:IP40

Power:Adapter input: AC 100-240V ±10%, 50-60Hz, output maximum current 4A

I/O port:Print signal, fault relay, 0V/COM, DC 24V

Print samples:


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