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Welljets T8300 Series Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Welljets T8300 Series

Welljets TTO Printers for flexible packaging solutions will help you create more values. 

T8300 adopts 32mm print head which provides excellent solutions for flexible packaging coding & marking in a wide range of fields like food, pharmacy, daily chemicals, seeds, daily paper and financial bill, etc. T8300 with 300 DPI resolution can print real-time date, time and batch number and other variable info with user friendly interface. 

Highly Printing Efficiency

Smart print head, with auto setting function and broken dots detection to ensure best print quality. 

Variable data printing makes sure each package can have the exclusive coding. 

Print speed up to 600mm/s and with high resolution of 300dpi. 

Optimize Operation

Obtain availability, ribbon status and broken dots detection in real time.

Maximum 1100-meters long ribbon brings longer running time.

Smart data input function makes working management more convenient and safer so as to minimize errors.

High Reliability

Cost-effective print head warranty service.

Solid and reliable structure: without any quick-wear parts in ribbon cassette design.

7 days * 24 hours running without stop. 

IP rate protection for harsh environmental conditions and high-pressure watering for options.


Printing at 2.5 bar air supply and the air usage for each printing is as low as 0.4ml. 

Power consumption has decreased 50% and power-saving in controller improves the energy efficiency. 

New standard ribbon design reduces 20% of ribbon waste.

Welljets T8300 Series

Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Print Parameters:

Print heads:

-T8300 Series: 32mm, 300dpi

Print speed: 

-Continuous: 40 to 600mm/s

-Intermittent: up to 300ppm

Print area:

-Continuous: 32*75mm


Print Features:

-7-inch touch screen

-32-bit RSIC processor

-Ribbon cassette for fast ribbon changing

-Ribbon tension detection

-Automatic print head setup

-Battery life >= 3 years

-Maximum ribbon length: 1100m

-Ribbon width: 20mm to 55mm

-Print gap <=0.5mm

 -Font: full TrueType font support

 -Flexible date/time formats; Flexible shift code formats

 -Barcode: EAN8, EAN13, Code39, Code128, UPC-A, QR-code, etc. 

 -Ribbon saving: Radial, Interlaced, Muliti-signal, Ribbon-reverse mode, etc.

Other Features:

-Print head dead dots detection

-Print head over temp detection

-Air consumption: 4ml/print at 2.5bar

-Port: USB, RS232, Ethernet

-Input & Output: editable

-Multi language support

-Power: AC90V-264V, 47-63Hz, 150VA

-Humidity: 10% to 90%, non-condensing

-Software: FormatDesign

-Dimension & Weight:

Print unit: 190*220*236mm, 8KGs

Controller: 170*263*190mm, 5KGs

-Communications protocols for PCs, PLC and packaging machines, etc. 

-Print head life: 80 to 100KMs.


 -Print unit: 24months

 -Controller: 24months

 -Print head: 5months or 50KMs




Controller Dimension


Print Samples

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