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Welljets F1000 Series CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Welljets F10 Series CO2 Laser Marking Machine of our company mainly adopt lasers customized from Welljets (optional with the Coherent laser source), high performance galvanometer scanning system, and the control software developed by us has advantages of fast speed, performance stable, good laser mode and long service life, continuously work up to 30,000 hours, high electro-optic conversion efficiency and low power consumption. 

The system is simple to operate and flexible to upgrade. This product has multiples USB interfaces and is compatible with files from AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP, CAXA and other software; do markings on Bar code, two-dimensional code, graphic text and other marking, support PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP and other file formats; Use SHX and TTF fonts directly. The system can automatically generate code to mark serial number, batch number, date and so on.

Unique Design

Compact design with stainless steel, anodized aluminum materials. 


Stable, fast printing, and good running modes.  


All windows fonts, all barcodes, support varieties of formats of graphics files.


separate switches which can control the power on and off independently. 


RS-232/422, Ethernet (TCP/IP), Synchronizer and electric eye trigger input interfaces, etc.

Well Printing

Well-proportioned thickness, clear and complete markings; not offset, no font skew & double shadow.

CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Welljets F1000 Series

Laser Type

﹡Carbon dioxide laser λ=9.3um, 10.3um, 10.6um.

﹡MTBF>=30,000 hours

Speed MS/S *1200012000

Focal Length: 210mm (Standard Equipped)

Maximum speed: 12000mm/s

Printing Features

﹡Characters Height: 0.4mm to 70mm

﹡Number of Lines: Limited only by character height and allowable print area

﹡Marking area :110mm*100mm to 650mm*650mm

﹡Minimum line width: 0.1mm

Marking Data 

﹡Serial number, text, date, time, fonts, etc.

﹡Multi - language support, user - defined fonts, counter, shift code

﹡Codes Support: Barcode, QR-code, Code128, Code 39, Data-Matrix Code, 

﹡Document Type: BMP/DXF/HPGL/JPEG

﹡Graphic Element: Points, Linear arc, rectangle, polygon, ellipse, circle polygons, ellipses, circles

Operation Interface

﹡10.1inch touch screen, QWERTY or AZERTY virtual keyboard, quick icon wizard operations, online help

Communication Interface

﹡Rs-232, Ethernet (TCP/IP), USB port, SD card

﹡I/O: PN/PNP/24V – detector

﹡Speed Detection: Encoder or synchronizing signal

﹡Input Signal: Start, stop, interlock

﹡Output Signal: Status indication, cooling device control, machine remote control

Other Characteristics

﹡Outlooking: Stainless steel support structure, anodized alumina

﹡Power: 100-240V AC,47-63Hz,750W

﹡Cooling system: Air cooling

﹡Operation Environment: 5-45℃,10%-90%RH, non-condensing

﹡Ip Rating: IP55


﹡Fume extractor

﹡Complete standard bracket

﹡Encoder & Photocell


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