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Welljets J600 Series Thermal Inkjet


J600 Series Main Advantages:

Inbuild Linux OS support USB input variable data

Support Multiple printers, max. 1 heads and one inch head optional

Control units & cartridge head independent, easy installation

Alum. control cabinet, better heat dissipating

7” High definition capacitive touch panel, high reliability

Easy operation, Easy Maintenance

J600 Printer Features:

The counter supports a maximum of 9 digits;

Support variable data graphic code and variable data text;

Automatically restore the printed content before the last shutdown after startup;

The startup time is less than 3 seconds and the endurance capacity exceeds 10 hours;

Low price, intelligent system, high performance, half inch baffle, more convenient operation;

Casing material, including ABS plastic casing, aluminum alloy casing and sheet metal casing;

Multi language, picture, bar code, GS1 code, QR code, counter, time and variable data can be printed;

Support multiple fonts, including Arial, droid, Montserrat, open sans, TimesNewRoman,, founder song, founder imitation song, founder regular script, dot matrix etc.

Support multiple types of barcodes, including QR code, PDF417, Data Matrix, dtmx-gs1, upca, upce, EAN13, ean8, int25, code39, code128, EAN128, itf14 and other barcodes;

Support multiple languages and input methods, including simplified, traditional, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese, German, Dutch, Thai, Ukrainian, Mongolian, Uzbek, Malaysian, Indonesian Slovak and other languages and input methods. Support external font import through USB flash disk;

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