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Electronic parts Industry

Welljets is offering different coding solutions for your electronics and auto parts.

In an industry which requires information to be printed onto individual components at various stages of the production process, coding and marking equipment must be able to comfortably meet the complex demands of automotive manufacturers. Robust coders must offer trouble-free integration into existing processes and thereafter operate reliably in challenging production environments.

An effective coding solution, tailored to the manufacturer’s requirements, can help to facilitate smooth production and assembly processes, as well as helping vehicle manufacturers to deliver top-quality after-care to drivers. Whether for monitoring components through the assembly process, stock control or to meet customer expectations, codes that are durable, clear and accurate are a must.

Coding considerations:

· Code content – will increased code complexity such as additional lines of print, or printing in different orientations, be supported by the printer you choose.

· Substrate – consider the range of  materials you need to code. Ensure that you have each of these sample-coded by the printers you are considering.

· Line speed – Coding solution should keep up with your line speeds.

· Factory environment – Coding & marking solutions should has the right IP rating and features to perform reliably

· Available budget – not just the initial purchase price, but consider the overall cost of ownership and factor in reliability;

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